About Shatter Snacks

In line with our philosophy of great taste, superior ingredients and absolutely no shorts, our snacks embody our commitment to high grade product and exceptional taste. All High Chips are made in accordance to compliant standards and made to taste like the premium product it is crafted after.

What will really distinguish our product to all you connoisseurs is the shatter concentration – a feat achieved through our propriety process that neither compromises taste or shatter levels. As we always say: we make a snack we would love eating ourselves.

The HighChips Precedence

High Chips is proud to bring you these exceptional potato chips. We share with you our philosophy: great taste, superior ingredients and absolutely no short cuts. Our High Chips have bold flavor and hearty crunch. This is due, in fact, to them being made from the finest potatoes and oils using craft cooking methods.

And they’re even better for our earth and sustainability as they are made using green initiative power such as wind and solar power. High Chips is the result of premium ingredients, old world cooking craft and love.


High Chips takes quiet pride in product well crafted and made to satisfy your shatter urge with premium ingredients and snacks made in the old world fashion style.

Shatter Proof

Our High Chips (and other up coming products) come with 500mg of real shatter. This translates into a higher grade product (pun not intended).


We make your quality of life and the enjoyment of it a top priority in every snack we produce. This is evident in our concentration assurance and crafting methods.